For today information technologies are tightly entered into all spheres of our life. Software and information technology have become part of a large number of products and services. Information technologies are widely used in business, changing the process of production, promotion and realization of various tangible and intangible benefits.

There are many software products to optimize business processes, increase control over document flows, for internal documentation. Information technologies have made it possible to exchange information over long distances and to do business in different countries. Information technologies allow unlimited business expansion, as well as allow to automate the management process as a whole.

Information technologies significantly reduce the time for transactions, collection and processing of information, and the introduction of IT in the business allows the most efficient use of production resources. Today, thanks to IT systems, familiar products become interactive. As for new technologies, they can simplify life practically in all spheres of human.

Taking into account the fact that is currently conquering its position in the world market, the need to introduce new technologies in the management and production process is essential to strengthen its position in the international market.

Since the countries with developed market economy nowadays increasingly use the factors of new economy (brands, goodwill, network technologies, non-traditional marketing, etc.) in achieving high efficiency, it is expedient to create an appropriate infrastructure and create an environment for the introduction of these tools in the activities of most companies.

The main task of firms is to be ready for any possible changes and to structure their work so that the final results of their work are minimally dependent on local fluctuations in demand.

Competition and competition are the main content of international business functioning, which is based on market mechanisms. The modern world market is a complex system that is changing under the influence of supply and demand for goods and services. These processes are influenced by the emergence of new needs, new technologies, new organizational forms of cooperation and new methods of competition.

Thanks to international competition and its continuous development, the search for new ways to develop the product’s competitiveness as well as the search for new markets is intensifying. Information technology have accelerated the development of competition and given it a qualitatively new character.

As competition in the international market is very strong, it is more difficult for companies to maintain their position in the international market. Often, in a competitive struggle, the one who has information wins. Information in international business is of great importance, because a company that has information about market conditions, follows the actions of competitors, the strategies of promotion in the markets, price policy have an advantage over competitors.

Information technology provides a lot of opportunities for companies to promote their products on the market, ahead of competitors. Information technology opens up a lot of both communication solutions and business optimization solutions for companies operating in international markets. At present, the problem of improving human resources potential to achieve the goals of long-term development of companies operating in all business areas is acute.

The cost-effectiveness of an organization directly depends on the quality of service, which is determined by the level of professional competence, qualification of staff. Implementation by companies of information systems that allow them to control the level of personnel training will improve the quality of goods and services, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the company, both in domestic and foreign markets.

Taking into account the fact that currently information technologies are in demand and will be even more so over time, companies need to implement IT solutions not only in the process of business management, but also in products and services. This is necessary in order to maintain its competitive position in the market.